480p Movies Download For Free : Real Links for 2022


The term 480p is referred as the picture quality and the resolution of the video. This video can be in any form like 480p movies, web series, personal videos etc.

For Instance, If we divide the word 480p in two parts then we get

  • 480 ( It is the vertical resolution of 480 pixels)
  • p ( Denotes for progressive scan)

480p is a SD (standard definition) format generally with aspect ratio of 4:3 and resolution of 640*480 Pixels. This means the resolution in vertical direction have 480 horizontal progressive scan lines and in horizontal direction it has 640 vertical progressive scan lines.

What are the Supported Resolutions for 480p

Here we have prepared a list of supported screen resolutions and aspect ratio.

FormatAspect RatioResolution
List of Supported Resolutions for 480p

There is always some specific criteria for each website just like for Youtube. They use 16:9 aspect ratio with 854×480 pixels.

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Is 480p good for Netflix?

Netflix, is an US based streaming service operating worldwide. It came into existence on 29 August, 1997.

Coming back to the question, Of course Yes 480p movies quality is good for Netflix as well as other streaming apps like Amazon Prime, Disney hotstar, aHa, Sun NXT, Zee5 etc.

This is because 480p is not the copyrighted resolution for only Netflix other providers can also display their content on the same resolution.

On the other hand Netflix made some personalized plans for Indian audience which are mentioned below –

Is 480p good for Netflix
Is 480p good for Netflix

480p Movie Download Sites

In this modern age every user is smart just like smartphones but is it necessary to download the pirated content from internet. However, Sometimes users are unable to judge what they are downloading A movie or a malware.

Anyways this article is for informational purpose only and does not support any kind of illegal activity and piracy.

We have researched and created a list of websites from where 480p movies can be easily downloaded. You just need a couple of clicks and everything will be in front of you.

Is 480p enough for TV?

No, absolutely not because now a days our smart televisions have reached till 4k and on a 4k screen you cannot enjoy your content at 480p quality.

Everything depends upon quality whether its TV, Smartphone or appliances or Streaming Services like Netflix, Prime Video, Sun NXT, aha. Better the quality, better the user engagement.


What is the most popular streaming service 2022?

The most popular streaming service of 2022 is HBO Max, Others are also best but not as compared to this giant. The below list is created keeping popularity in mind –
1. HBO Max
2. Netflix
3. Disney Plus
4. Hulu

Why is YouTube quality 480p?

In Internet history no one has but restriction on streaming but due to this pandemic YouTube got a heavy traffic due to which they had to reduce the quality to 480p.
This step was taken to control and serve all the YouTube requests.

Is 480p good for Phone?

This totally depends upon usage as in 2022 there is a big list for High Definition smartphones with resolutions like 720p and 1080p but you can also choose the smaller ones also. This screen resolution is enough but not up to mark for current era.

Is 480p considered HD?

480p is not considered as HD because it’s an SD (Standard Definition) resolution and cannot be compared to any HD resolutions.

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