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About Tamil Rockers

Tamil Rockers New Link are available all around the web but only few of them are working. Before moving on lets discuss about the history of Tamilrockers.com. Originally this was the torrent website designed to distribute the copyrighted material all over the world which contains a huge collection of illegal material available like –

  • Hollywood Movies,
  • Bollywood Movies,
  • Tollywood Movies,
  • Web Series and,
  • Television Shows etc.

According to website the content was provided by Torrent system. .

Tamilrockers com is also promoted from Telegram channels. Similarly with the help of that the website gained a lot of love, but as we all know bad things doesn’t last for a long time.

Torrent ? Are you aware of this term, if not Lets describe that else skip this part.

What is Torrent

Torrent is a peer to peer file sharing system which helps in distributing the workloads between its peers so that the downloads becomes much faster.

The torrent file contain all metadata information regarding files and folders which needs to be downloaded. Along with this there is lot more information included in it like trackers, folder structure, hash values etc.

Once the user downloads and installs the Torrent clients then they need to import the torrent file in that application.

After successful import all magic happens like –

  • Finding File info,
  • Getting Trackers,
  • Updating Trackers,
  • Connecting To Peers and
  • Starting The Downloads.

Here are the some free torrent clients – uTorrent or BitTorrent.

Is Tamilrockers Downloading Movies illegal?

Tamilrockers com is the main stream download website for the piracy supporters. The owners and content managers of this website generally upload the pirated version of movie on the same day of theatre release.

On 30 June, 2019 Tamilrockers team uploaded the Prabhas hit movie ‘SAAHO‘ soon after its theatre release.

This illegal website made a huge presence all over India and it is still one of the most searched term in the search engines.

In terms of piracy it is very difficult to put control over it because if the tamilrockers is taken down then some other new website can come up online in future.

Checkout our latest post regarding –

Tamilrockers Isaimini Movie Download

When it comes to watch the movie, the first thing in mind hits to download it for free, but did you ever thought that if you were working on the cinema industry with investing lot of your effort, and at last some one just clicks on a link to download the content for free without paying of for your hard work.

Therefore in the same way why we are not understanding that it is all about 1000’s of manpower working hard to make you feel better and to make you smile.

What is the Tamil Rockers Official Website

What is the Tamil Rockers Official Website
What is the Tamil Rockers Official Website

The official website was shut down after arrest of 3 team members by Kerala Police, and there is no Tamil Rockers Official Website nor such a way to download the the content, but if you are still interested then you may try the below Tamil Rockers New Link-

How To Download Hollywood Movies Tamilrockers

The original website was having majority of Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies available with them, but unfortunately the website is currently taken down by government.

So firstly check that there may be some domains active that you can navigate in the above all list but remember that it is 100% illegal so please do everything at your own risk only.

And at last we want to say that we do not encourage piracy and this article is for informational use only.


How to download movies from Tamil rockers?

You can download movies from tamilrockers by just clicking on the desired movie and after that select the movie quality to begin your download.

Who are Tamil rockers?

They are the people who promote piracy and destroy all the best effort of cinema industry.

Why is Tamilrockers not available?

It is because as per the arrest order from Government of Kerala all the site operators were arrested and websites were taken down.

How can I download from Tamilrockers website?

You can not download the movies by directly but can try by navigating to – https://uparchives.org/tamil-rockers-new-link-2022/

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